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There is a confusing number of investment opportunities around the world. We make life simpler by offering investments that are available to everyone, which have open and trusted processes.

For investors

The Private Equity Protocol (PEP) is specifically designed for all those who want reliable investments combined with the ability to easily manage their finances. We achieve this through a diversified investment strategy that encompasses a range of asset classes and industries.

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You can do a lot with a little money—even as a beginning investor-- to manage financial freedom


01 Real Estate
02 Construction
03 Education
04 HR Solutions
05 Payment solutions
06 Crowdfunding

One example of our platform is the fractional ownership of a property, with 100 investors buying a house, each with their own pro-rate share of income and increased equity as values rise. Investments can be short-term, medium-term or long-term projects, each with their respective level of turnover and profitability. All investment proposals are published in the “Projects” section and are available to investors depending on their accreditation status on the platform.

Revenue business model

The investor's income is made up of the platform's generated income: dividends for participation in various projects, trading, exchange operations, transaction operations, growth in the value of the platform's assets (for example, real estate or professional personnel). Our revenue model is focused on generating sustainable, long-term returns for our investors.

One of the key pillars of our revenue model is our focus on income-producing assets. This includes investments in rental properties, commercial real estate, and other income-generating assets that provide a steady stream of cash flow. By investing in these types of assets, we are able to generate reliable income for our investors, even in uncertain market conditions.

In addition to income-producing assets, we also invest in high-growth industries that have the potential to generate significant returns over the long term. This includes technology, healthcare, and other industries that are poised for growth in the years to come. To further enhance our revenue model, we also employ a range of investment strategies, including value investing, growth investing, and opportunistic investing.

By utilizing a range of strategies, we are able to capture opportunities across a range of market conditions and generate strong returns for our investors. Overall, our revenue model is designed to generate sustainable, long-term returns for our investors. With a focus on income-producing assets, high-growth industries, and a range of investment strategies, we are well-positioned to deliver strong results for our investors over the long term.

our tokens
PEP (ID 327821015)

PEP is a governance revenue-sharing token with limited supply, and serves as an indicator of the capitalization of our ecosystem. Once revenue allocations reach $100K, pro-rata distributions will be made to all holders of PEP. You can track the actual price, market cap, fully diluted and circulating supply on the dashboard. You have to get an invite to purchase the governance token.

DAOGOV (ID 1294465507)

TRUE ASSETS DAO LLC is a pioneering project focused on revolutionizing the tokenization of real-world assets. By leveraging the transparency and security of distributed ledger systems, TRUE ASSETS DAO LLC aims to democratize access to traditionally illiquid investments, providing a decentralized platform for investors to participate in the ownership and management of a diverse range of real-world assets

USPEP (ID 1066202864)

Our future innovation in investment opportunities - the USPEP Governance token. This governance token represents ownership in our holding company based in the USA, providing investors with a unique opportunity to invest in our company through a tokenized asset. Keep follow us. This token is not in circulating yet.

MDLc (ID 399383365)

The payment tool of the platform is the MDLc token. With its help, you can participate in investments, conduct exchange transactions, pay for the purchase of goods and services, and receive payments. The blockchain network uses an Algorand native token for commissions, the size of the technological commission in the blockchain network is less than 1 cent.

MXNc (ID 691727565)

The MXNC stable coin (issued & managed), a digital asset designed to facilitate easy and secure money transfers in Mexico. Each MXNC token is pegged to the value of the Mexican peso, ensuring that its value remains stable and predictable, making it an ideal option for anyone who wants to avoid fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. This token is not in circulating yet.

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If you are interested in creating the economy of the future and want to be among its honorary first founders, we invite you to become one of our investors.