Reward-Based Crowdfunding

Unleash financial independence: invest, earn rewards, and empower yourself with the freedom to choose your investment path, leveraging cutting-edge technologies


To create a financial infrastructure based on reliable and secure blockchain technology. Our technology is based on cutting-edge cryptography and security innovations, offering innovative benefits for a range of industries, for the many, not the few.


Traditional financial systems limit investors❛ savings and the opportunity to grow their capital.


At Trusty Digital, our focus is on providing advanced solutions and fostering transparency for both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) clients. Our groundbreaking platform empowers businesses and consumers alike through our diverse offerings.

This is a solution based on blockchain technology, the purpose of which is to revolutionize investments, seeking to provide the possibility of full, transparent and constantly accessible investment control for all stakeholders. Built on a robust blockchain foundation, our platform ensures security, traceability, and accountability in every transaction.

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the Benefits

Private Equity Protocol (PEP) – is a payment and investment platform built using blockchain technology. Trusty Digital creates a new infrastructure for a variety of business sectors, which will accelerate their development due to transparent investments and improved processes.

Safe & Secure

Blockchain security is ensured through being decentralised. You manage your assets yourself.

Asset Management

The platform provides you with various investment opportunities pre-assessed by our advisory committee.

Fair Transactions

All transactions take place on the blockchain, which guarantees complete transparency and control.


Our users can build a portfolio at a fair and transparent rate.

Smart Invest

Our users can invest in their favorite companies with as little as a dollar to start with

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Our platform offers you different investment opportunities vetted by our advisory committee.

Direct investment

Real estate and construction

Leverage blockchain to unlock the opportunities created by real estate digital assets. Real estate has long been a cornerstone of wealth creation, but its exclusivity has limited opportunities for many. With fractional ownership and blockchain, we're democratizing real estate investment, providing a pathway for individuals to participate and benefit from this lucrative market.

Crowdfunding and investment

Our platform that meets the need for individuals and companies in investment opportunities and crowdfunding, which not only provide a transparent and equitable environment but also minimize fees, ensuring that all participants have equal opportunities for success.

Education and HR

Blockchain creates a universal ecosystem for creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying information. By equipping our users with the knowledge they need, we're enabling them to make informed and pragmatic decisions tailored to their individual financial goals.

Payment solutions

Our payment solutions are meticulously crafted to enhance transaction speed, affordability, security, while offering high owner control and minimal fees.

Blockchain as a service

We make it simple to power your blockchain applications and scale up as you grow. Experience the unmatched advantage of harnessing our ready-to-deploy infrastructure to seamlessly integrate sophisticated technology into your business, tailored precisely to your current needs. With our Blockchain-as-a-Service offering, we simplify the process of fueling your blockchain applications, providing you the flexibility to expand seamlessly as your operations flourish.

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You can do a lot with a little money—even as a beginning investor-- to manage financial freedom


Today, anyone can register on our platform, with a referral partner code (this option will be replaced in the future). If you do not have a referral partner code, you can get one in our community.

The KYC procedure (KYC = "Know your customer") refers to the person's verification process. This process affects customer checks before (or during) how they are starting to conduct a joint business, as well as verifying the identity of customers of regulated banks for assessing and monitoring risks.

The main idea of the PRIVATE EQUITY PROTOCOL is wealth generation for everyone, not just the few. The main feature of our project is the rejection of speculative business activities in order to ensure greater stability and the security of participants.

We use the following tokens: PEP, MDLc. PEP is a decentralized governance token, and serves as an indicator of the capitalization of our project. You can use ALGOS, MDLc, USDT, or USDc tokens to purchase PEP token. MDLC token is used for payments, utility, commissions. All investments in projects use the MDLc token. The revenue part is translated into the PEP token, which reflects the current capitalization of the project PEP.

Algorand is an open source blockchain-platform, launched in 2019 by a non-profit organization – the Algorand Foundation. Algorand is the world's first basic blockchain with pure proof of stake. In addition to the elementary open public network, Algorand technology allows you to use a set of high-performance layer 1 blocks that provide security, scalability, complete transaction completion, built-in confidentiality, Co-chain and advanced smart contracts.

Databases are a feature of all organizational processes in modern society, being used in all areas from economics to politics and social life. Access to the data is restricted to duly authorized persons which renders the situation complex. This results in bureaucracy but also corruption, falsification and the time consumed in operating them. A Blockchain is a decentralized and uniformly distributed database, where the information in it is stored simultaneously with all users. There is no authoritarian or centralized structure in the blockchain. This ensures the principle of availability and transparency of all processes.